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Qualvalv, by integrating our broad range of experience and innovative thinking,
will offer solution serivce to completely meet with you requirements

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Help customers establish and expand own brand

Qualvalv is Angle Stop’s OEM distributor. We understand the demand of customers and end-user, and provide high-quality, high-reliable and competitive OEM solution.


For example, we can the forging forming one or laser engraving trademark and type specification on the body and provide the whole service with packing box, head card, label for the customers which have large order and own brand marketing in order to help customers promote and expand their own Market Share.
If you would like to establish your own brand marketing, please contact us in order to get more OEM solution.


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.Why Brass Pro
.Manufacturing Ability
.R&D Ability
.OEM Solution

Angle Valve Products

.Angle Stop
.Straight Stop
.1/4 Turn Ball Valves
.PEX Angle Stop
.Heavy Duty Angle Stop
.Heavy Duty Straight Stop

Brass Fitting Products

. Compression to male connector
. Compression to male elbow
. Compression to female elbow
. Elbow flare 45˚ union forged
. Flare 45˚ to male forged
. 90˚ Elboe female barstock
. Female tee barstock
. Flbow fpt to fpt 135˚ barstock
. Hex solid plug mpt
. Close nipple
. Hex nipple
. Street elbow male to female forged
. Street elbow male to female barstock
. Street tee barstock


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