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Brass Pro is an angle stops manufacturing factory which owns professional technique
and abundant experience for 40 years,

.Brass Compression Fitting
.Brass Air Brake Fitting
.Air Brake For Copper Tubing
.Brass Suregrip Fitting
.Brass Air Brake Hose Fitting
.Brass Poly Fitting
.Brass 45° Flare Fitting
.Brass Female Elbow 90°

.Brass Female Tee Fitting
.Brass Female Cross Fitting
.Brass Female Coupling Fitting
.Brass Head Plug Fitting
.Brass Reducer Bushing Fitting
.Brass NPSL Lock Nut
.Brass Close Nippie Fitting
.Brass Hex Nipple Fitting
.Brass Long Nipple Fitting
.Brass Elbow To Female Fitting
.Brass Hex Female Fitting
.Brass Female To Male Fitting
.Bass Elbow 135° Male To

.Brass Hose Barb Tee Fitting
.Brass Street Tee Fitting
.Brass Male Elbow 90° Fitting
.Brass Hose Barb To Male

.Brass Barb To Male Pipe
 Elbow Fitting

.Brass Hose Barb To Female

.Brass Hose Mender Fitting
.Brass Poly Mini Barb Fitting
.Brass Elbow Barb Fitting
.Brass Hose Male Adapter
.Brass Garden Swivel Hose
.Brass Swivel Hose Dual
.Brass Barb Male Adapter
.Brass Push On Adapter
.Brass Cap Nut
.Brass Nut ﹠Sleeve Assembly
.Brass Flare Thread ﹠O-Ring
.Brass Control Nut Tube
.Brass Inverted Union Fitting
.Brass Female Hex Knurl Cap
.Brass Bulk Head Coupling
.Female Hose Female Swivel

.Brass Female Hose Both Ends
.Brass 45° Flare Swivel Union
.Brass 45° Swivel Tee Adapter
.Brass Needle Valve
.Brass Saddle Valve
.Brass Angle Valve
.Brass Straight Valve
.Brass 3-WAY Valve
.Brass On/Off Valve
.Brass Inverted Flare Fitting
.Brass Street Tee Fitting
.Brass Barb Swivel Fitting
.Brass Push On Fitting
.Brass Flare Fitting
.Brass Hose Swivel Fittin
.Brass Drain Cock
.Brass Garden Hose Fitting
.Brass Compression Fitting
.Brass Female Flare Fitting
.Brass Female Hose Fitting
.Brass Flare Fitting
.Brass Insert
.Brass Compression Check

Brass NPSL Lock Nut

  NPSL Lock Nut
PART NUMBER  SIZE                                                            PCS/BAG PCS/BOX
BP-111A 1/8NPSL LOCK NUT 200 2000
BP-111C 1/4NPSL LOCK NUT 100 1000
BP-111E 3/8NPSL LOCK NUT 100 1000
BP-111F 1/2NPSL LOCK NUT 50 500
BP-111J 3/4NPSL LOCK NUT 50 500


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Angle Valve Products

.Angle Stop
.Straight Stop
.1/4 Turn Ball Valves
.PEX Angle Stop
.Heavy Duty Angle Stop
.Heavy Duty Straight Stop

Brass Fitting Products

. Compression to male connector
. Compression to male elbow
. Compression to female elbow
. Elbow flare 45˚ union forged
. Flare 45˚ to male forged
. 90˚ Elboe female barstock
. Female tee barstock
. Flbow fpt to fpt 135˚ barstock
. Hex solid plug mpt
. Close nipple
. Hex nipple
. Street elbow male to female forged
. Street elbow male to female barstock
. Street tee barstock


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